Road Trip

Road Trip Fun For All

Simple Trips Mean Lifetime Memories

How To Tips For Road Trip Planning

Road trips were common in our growing up years. Most summer weekends included a road trip and we kept the itinerary simple enough too, . .something like this . . . Grab an overnight bag, and some snacks and (maybe) a map . . . And, HURRY!


Granted, if you have teens or pre teens you’ll hear plenty of groaning and moaning coming from the back seat area, but drag them along despite any rumblings about how, “unfair and mean,” you are being!  Plan extra stops with kids to reduce boredom and for much appreciated breaks along the way for sightseeing and touring, and a quick rest on your way to your destination.  These road trips are – also- a great way to teach new or young permitted drivers how to drive, share the driving responsibility and see some of the sights yourself without being a Naggy Nelly or Ned about their (lack of) driving experience and skills.  At a time when most teens conversation with you amounts to a sum total words of, “Can I puhleaasseee have the car keys.”

Small Children:

With very small infants and children, night driving might be best for everyone involved.  This helps reduces stress from their lack of interest, attention, understanding and/or participation.  Plus, it gives adults some less chaotic ‘adult’ time.

All Ages:

From ages zero to 100 +, road trips can be the greatest family adventure!  Take other family members and pets along too!  Grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, Siblings, or friends who love a great adventure!

Road Trip Planning:

My scenic drives website data provides road trip information and trip planning for over 40 states.  They even have a Road Trip Planner to help you plan a road trip most anywhere in the world.

With your free signup you can begin planning your next family adventure with unlimited stops.  You’ll get a map and plan you can either print out, export to your GPS, or use for discovering new, fun and breathtaking sights and accommodations!  Use the handy gas calculator provided to help plan your gas budget!

Explore nearby side trips, day hikes and other nearby states and local attractions!  Get your National Parks Pass in advance and save time and money too!  A full list of national parks by region and each state listing gives you and your family options for adventure, strolls, hikes, picnics, day trips, overnight trips, bird watching, excitement, and fun excursions!

Plan Road Trips By State:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California  Colorado  Delaware  Florida
 Georgia  Idaho  Illinois  Kansas
 Kentucky  Louisiana  Maine  Massachusetts
 Michigan  Minnesota  Montana  Nevada
 New Hampshire  New Jersey  New Mexico  New York
 North Carolina  North Dakota  Ohio  Oklahoma
 Oregon  Pennsylvania  Rhode Island  South Dakota
 Tennessee  Texas  Utah  Vermont
 Virginia  washington  Wisconson  Wyoming

The Two Best Road Trip Adventure Ingredients:

1) Spontaneity

2) Full tank of gas or battery charge