Non-Lead Ammunition & Fishing Weights

Switching to Non-Lead Ammunition and Fishing Weights Helps Our Environment And Helps Save Wildlife

Here’s How And Why Non-Lead  Ammunition And Bait Is The Way To Go!

We recently listened to a presentation at a local outdoor fair about the importance of switching to non-lead ammunition and non-lead fishing weights.  Even bow hunting arrow non-lead tips work as effectively for hunters.

In an environmentally conscious effort to increase awareness on better ways to hunt and fish we learned that lead poisoning effects from using lead ammunition result in poisoning and death is traced to wildlife, like eagles, hawks, vultures, ducks, geese , swans, other predators and raptors.  These animals will ingest lead bullets and bait weights left behind in gut piles or pest species.

By the time birds get medical attention it is more often too late and that bird or animal dies.  Or, their blood levels are so high with lead that even aggressive medical treatment won’t work.  For those birds and animals, that lead poisoning is directly linked and results in their death.  For infected animals, Central Nervous System Damage and death is the result of ingesting leaded ammunition.

If an animal is determined to have lead poisoning from these lead sources, their medical care can cost over $5,000. to rehabilitate that one animal – If it can even be saved.

. . . Did you – also – know that lead fragments are present in trace amounts in the surrounding meat too.  And that these amounts are posing health risks for human consumers.  They do.

As a result of these findings, several major companies are now making non-lead ammunition and fishing tackle.  Tests and studies show these non-lead hunting methods have a similar impact on prey .  Increased demand for these alternative and effective products is instrumental in lowering prices.

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