11 Wrapping Green Tips

Wrapping Outdoor Adventures – 11 Simple Tips

“Wrap” Gift Baskets With A complimenting Gear or Sport Bag

When You Wrap Green You Give Two Outdoor Adventure Gift Basket Ideas In One!

Wrapping Green Gift Basket Ideas for Your Outdoor Adventure Lover:

Gear and Sport Bag Ideas Plus 11 Tips on Wrapping Green

1For Your Golfer, Barbecue Lover, Fitness Lover:

Wrap Golf Gift Ideas in a golf towel – Have Golf Towels monogrammed – and if you add any booze to that gift then you can wrap beer gifts in an apron for outdoor cooking, or a kitchen towel for wine gifts. Weight lifters, gym enthusiasts, cyclists, runners, use sweat towels for great gift wrap.

2Plain Brown Mailing Paper:

Really looks neat when you dress it up with colored twine that you can use in the house too!

Get a few special stamps to change ink colors and it looks like you have lots of stamps – Use sparingly (or not). And don’t forget fun stickers for embellishment too!

3Big Jars:

For instance have you seen the large pickle jars– Wash and reuse those for gift wrap – Golf balls, sweat bands, hair ornaments, treasure hunt clues, bath accessories, candy, mementos, monogrammed trophies, outdoor adventure socks, special food items . . . Imagination is a wonderful thing!

Glue or tape on your own Handmade Labels!  FOR EXAMPLE:


Tea looks Great in a small baking pan – with just a simple ribbon!

4Martha Stewart’s Potato Chip Bag Idea:

Simply wash out and dry reverse and reuse potato chip bags and use the foil side to wrap with.

5Mall Shopping Bags:

Some of our best looking gifts were wrapped in mall shopping bags that we put blank mailing stickers over the brand name of and tied the handles together with ribbon – then stuff empty spaces with a sheet or two of tissue – If needed. If you want to make a more personal computerized label you can even add a quote or special memory to your gift ‘label.’


“Take Me as I am, Put your hand in mine, Now & Forever. You are My Fate & My Destiny And, I Love You

 6Discount Store Tissue Paper:

Watch out that you aren’t paying more at the dollar store – You may get tissue for a dollar, but you will only get a few sheets instead of 50 sheets at a regular store for an extra dollar. Tissue Paper can always be dressed up.


Old or new maps really look neat – Especially for an Outdoor Adventure Gift Basket Idea!

8* Newspaper:

Just the white paper against black ink with some black ribbon – You’ll be surprised how fancy it looks!  (* Personal Favorite for a smaller collection of gifts).

9Coloring book -Start coloring the pages:

Use newly colored pages to wrap with – Or have the kids do the coloring for you – Way too much fun!

10Ever get just plain boxes from anybody:

Use and reuse Plain Boxes!

11 – What’s Left:

Newspaper comics, colorful sale ads, shirts you aren’t wearing or that have lost their usefulness, craft store remnant bins, scarfs, fabric bags, storage boxes, delicate fabric laundry machine bags.  Gear Bags, Sport Bags  See Below 

Wrap your gift green for that extra special touch in gift giving for your outdoor adventure enthusiast!